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Parts Information

There are hundreds of brands and thousands of models of windup phonographs. The parts for all of these are too many to list. Most are available, however the earlier the model the harder it is to find parts. Some parts are made new (reproduction) and some are original from old machines. Inquire as to prices and availability on any part you may need. If you are unsure as to what parts you need, call or write us. You may need to send the broken parts to us for comparison. We have a parts department loaded with thousands of parts. Let us know your needs. Listed here are the parts that are most often needed. They are all new (reproduction) unless noted original. Please ask if there is something that you need but don't see. We have or have access to hundred's of thousand's of parts. Some may take time to find if not on hand please inquire.

We are happy to buy or trade for parts or service andy hand-crank phono parts you have. Send a list or call and let us know what parts you have for sale or trade. Fair prices offered.

We have most parts in stock for do-it-yourself repairs (we do not sell Mainsprings for self installation). Ask for help if needed. Check this page and the rest of our site for all of the your phonograph needs.

Reproducers and Parts (Edison): Complete reproducers for Edison Cylinder machines. All reproduction reproducers are sold with new permanent sapphire stylus. If you purchase an original, they have been rebuilt and a new needle, if needed, has been installed.
2 min. Model B (reproduction) $165.00
2 min. Model C (reproduction) $165.00 / original- ask for availability and price
4 min. Model H (reproduction) $165.00 / original- ask for availability and price
2 min. and 4 min. Model K (reproduction) $250.00 / original- ask for availability and price
4 min. Model N (reproduction) Ask for availability and price
4 min. Model R (reproduction) Ask for availability and price
All of the parts that would be needed to put these reproducers together are also available. Please specify which part you would need so that we could get it for you. If you're not sure what you are missing, feel free to give us a call or email us and we will help to piece it together for you.

Model C, H, K, D, J, Automatic $2.00 pr.
Model O, N, R, S, L, M, Diamond Model C, B, A $2.00 pr.
Columbia $2.00 pr.
Exhibition $2.00 per foot ($3.00 cut to fit)
Vic2 $3.00 pr.
Diamond Disc $2.00 pr.
Orthophonic $2.00 pr.

Stylus: Specify reproducer model
Sapphire 2 min. round tipped for Columbia machines $35.00
Sapphire 2 min. mounted in bar $57.00
Sapphire 4 min. mounted in bar $57.00
The sapphire needles for both the C and H models are also available not mounted in the stylus bar $45.00 each
Edison Diamond Disc mounted in bar - Prices vary depending on diamonds... Current stock is $130 each
Edison Amberola mounted in bar - Prices vary depending on diamonds... Current stock is $130each

We also stock sapphire needles mounted onto a straight shank. These new needles play the special records by the Pathe company and others. $50 each

Victor/Victrola: Complete reproducers cleaned and rebuilt with new gasket
Exhibition - original $100.00 - $125.00 depending on the condition
Victrola No. 2 - original $100.00
*gold plated reproducers are about 20.00 extra above the nickel plated ones depending on condition of the plating

Mica Diaphragms: These high quality clear mica diaphragm replacements will help bring your reproducer tone and volume back up to factory fresh standards.
We have all sizes available, please specify which reproducer you need the mica for, not the phonograph model as they are sometimes replaced or substituted for another type.
Price:  Most sizes are 5.50 sizes over 2 1/16" are 6.00