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Motor Cleaning/Spring Cleaning

When a motor is cleaned and it's springs serviced, it's taken completely apart and thoroughly gone through. Below you'll see the entire process in pictures along with descriptions of each step. Every motor that we clean goes through this process very carefully. If you have any other questions before sending your dirty motors to us, please don't hesitate to ask. You can reach us by phone at 800-239-4188 or by email at

** NOTE: All motors look different. No matter which machine you have, the motor is cleaned in the same process with the same care and concern.

victrola repair
This is a typical Victor Victrola 2 spring motor from the mid teens (approximately 1915). As you can see, it is dirty and
caked up with hard grease that has leaked out from the spring barrels and has hardened all over.
the working parts of the motor and frame

phonograph repair
Here you see the motor dis-assembled getting ready to be cleaned. A motor must be broken down for cleaning. Just doing a cosmetic wipe down does not get between the moving parts of the motor.
gramophone repair
You can see here that the mainspring is dry and dirty. This is common as the unit has not been serviced in almost 90 years! If operated in this condition, it will cause a rumbling sound when you wind it and while the machine is playing.

repair gramophone

In this view, you can see the build up that had occurred between the barrel and the frame. By breaking down the motor, you/we can get to this and remove it.

repair victrola
The motor is now in the cleaning tank. We use a naphtha based solvent from Safety Kleen to do the job.
repair phonograph
Important in the cleaning process is getting all the grime out from between the teeth of the gears..they should be whistle clean.
gramophone repair
All the cleaned parts are now back on the
table, ready to be re-assembled
gramophone repair
The motor is now back together and will be oiled, tested and the speed set to the proper speed, 78 rpm.
gramophone repair
The governor, seen here, is the part that controls the speed. It is important that this be properly adjusted to get proper speed and to keep the motor as quiet as possible

gramophone repair
The same motor as in picture one, but cleaned, tested and ready to be
shipped back out for installation in your phonograph!


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