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Phonograph Horns  (Reproduction)

Thanks for taking a look at our sections of horns for sale. All horns and cranes listed are reproduction. If we have any original horns in stock, they'll be listed at the bottom of the page. If you have any questions about these horns or other horns, feel free to EMAIL US or you can call us at 800-239-4188. Pictures of each horn will be added when available.

10" cone horn, black with painted gold stripe. Fits Edison Gem or small Columbia cylinder players.Click here for a picture    $30.00
10" belled horn, nickel plated. Perfect size to fit smaller machines (Edison Gem, Columbias Q or B, etc.)    $60.00
14" horn, black body with a brass bell. Fits Edison or Columbia machines. Click here for a picture    $53.00
14" belled horn, solid brass. Fits Edison or Columbia machines. Click here for a picture    $48.00
14" belled horn, nickel plated. Fits Edison or Columbia machines.    $70.00
15" black horn with brass bell. Fits Victor I and E. Same style also available to fit Columbia machines.    $110.00
Victor panel horn, black with gold pinstriping (19" bell by 21" long). Fits Victors II through IV. The V horn looks similar but larger. These horns will fit a V if an original one can't be found. Click here for a picture    $360.00
Same horn as above but solid brass. Fits Victors II through IV.    $360.00
Fireside M/G horn. Painted maroon with striping and decal, 19" long. Also fits the maroon Gem (late models).    $265.00
Edison M/G horn, panel. Painted black with striping and decal, 19" bell by 31" long.    $350.00
Edison cygnet horn, 10 panel. Painted black with striping and decal. Paneled section and elbow section available by themselves upon request. An 11 panel cygnet horn is also available at an extra $25.Click here for a picture    $580.00
Edison rubber connector attaches horn to reproducer (no need to order one if purchasing the crane kit)    $2.00
Edison cranes: Used to support large horn. The price depends on the size and type of horn it's needed for. Reproducer angler if needed is $10 extra.    $55.00

Original Horns

Various types and styles of Original horns turn up all the time for both Cylinder and Flat Disc Record type phonographs. Please let us know what phonograph and model that you need and we can let you know what we have. If you provide us with an email address, we would send you a pic of any of the horns that you might be interested in.

In general, horns start around 100.00 and can go up in the thousands for wood horns in good condition. 
Just call or email us for any questions or requests for original horns.

We carry complete crane kits to hold up large horns for $85.00