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Phonograph Books


 Look for The Dog: By Robert Baumbach. Color Edition The latest edition of this famous Victor/Victrola book is the best one so far. Each machine is pictured in color. This books contains photos, lot's of information about the Victor company and it's phonographs. This new edition includes a value guide and a broad (not specific) section on repairs and adjustments. A must have book for every antique phonograph collector. 320 pages
Price: $29.95

Look for The Dog: (previous editions) By Robert Baumbach. The earlier editions of this famous Victor/Victrola book is still available. Each machine is illustrated along with a description of it's history. This book contains many photos, lot's of information about the Victor company and it's phonographs. This edition also includes a broad (not specific) section on repairs and adjustments.
Price: $12.95 to $20.95

Victor Data Book: By Robert Baumbach. This companion to "Look for the Dog" and is a great addition to any phonograph library. Within the book's 335 large format pages are details on each model of the Victor Talking Machine Company. These details were compiled from numerous sources, including original Victor records long thought to have been lost. All in all, this is a treasure trove of information for the Victor collector designed to greatly expand the available knowledge on these fascinating products. This book does not duplicate the information in "Look for the Dog", and belongs in the library of every phonograph collector.
Price: $34.95

American Premium Record Guide: By Les Docks. The "bible" for 78 rpm record collectors. The best price guide available. Also lists some LP's and 45 RPM's as well. Soft cover, 477 pages.
Price: $24.95 - OUT OF STOCK

Little Wonder Records: A history and discography edited by Tim Brooks. This book contains all known information that has ever been compiled about the Little Wonder records. It also has a fascinating history of the company. Each record known to exist has been listed (where available) by number, title, type, artist, and any notes that may be known about it. Soft cover, comb bound, 95 pages.
Price: $15.95

Edison Cylinder Phonograph Companion: By George L Frow. The latest edition jam packed with information and photos on Edison cylinder machines. A beautiful book, hard cover, 384 pages.

Columbia Phonograph Companion Volume I (Cylinder Players): By Howard Hazelcorn. This is very nice hardcover book contains 380 pages of up to date information on all the cylinder players offered by the Columbia phonograph company. It also includes rarity scales and charts, horn descriptions and matching charts and reproducer descriptions and matching charts.
Price: $64.95

Edison Disc Phonographs and the Diamond Discs: By George L Frow. This book contains detailed descriptions of the diamond disc phonographs, various models, and the records that play on the machine.
Now available in paperback, 293 pages.
Price: $24.95

Edison Blue Amberol Recordings 1912-1914: Ronald Dethlefson's carefully researched study of the development of Edison's finest cylinder recordings was out of print for many years. We are excited to be able to offer this valuable reference in it's second and best printing so far.
Price: $24.95

Edison Blue Amberol Recordings 1915-1929: Author Ronald Dethlefson has added newly discovered details and photographs of the manufacturing process and cleared up certain speculation that appeared in the first edition. Also included in this book are reproductions of a great many of the record slips which accompanied the records when new, but are invarieably lost today. This two volume set (this book and the previous book listed above) belongs in the library of every collector of cylinder recordings. Paperback, over 500 pages
Price: $49.95

EDISON- Inspiration to Youth: An adaption of the early cartoons that appeared in the daily newspapers in 1927... Also includes a chronology of events in the life of Thomas Alva Edison. Soft cover, 84 pages.
Price: $5.99

Brief Biography of Thomas Alva Edison: A nice biography of the "Wizard of Menlo Park". A small booklet which talks of his early adventures from childhood to his many inventions that helped as well as entertained everyone. Also includes a chronological list of events in his life from his birth in 1847 to his death in 1931.
Price: $2.99

Phonograph Manuals
(reprints of originals)

Victor Victrola: We currently have very nice manuals that you can now put with your machine and use as a reference. These manuals are great for setting up the machine and learning about the components. The manuals we have available for the Victor Victrola machines are for the VIII, IX, XI, XIV, 100, 210, 280, 410, electric Orthophonic players, and spring-wound Orthophonic players.
The average size of each manual is 20 to 28 pages.
Price: $10.00 per manual

Victrola Sales Catalog 1923: This is a reprint of Victrola's original sales catalog in 1923. In this catalog, you'll see all the machines that the Victor Company still had to offer in 1923. These machines range from the Victrola IV and VI, all the way to the ornate Victrolas 405 and 410. It lists a total of 26 machines as well a nice foreword about the Victrola Company.
Price: $10.00

Victor Automatic Brake Instructions: Do you need help working the Automatic brake on your Victola? If so, you may be interested in buying this instruction "card." This card measures 4" by 8" and shows two diagrams on working the brake. Each picture comes with detailed instructions.
Price: $5.00

Brunswick Ultona: This manual would help in operation and setting up your Brunswick Ultona machine.
Price: $10.00 each

Silvertone: This manual is a reprint of the original manual sold with the phonograph by the Sears Company.
Price: $10.00 each

Parts of Edison Phonographs: This catalog is a great reprint of the original issued in 1910. It contains a complete parts breakdown of the most common Edison machines: Gem, Standard, Fireside, Home, Triumph, etc. It also has pictures and all part listed out by product number. Anybody fascinated by Edison cylinder players should have this manual in their collection. 30 pages

Edison Home Phonograph: Directions for setting up and operating an Edison Home cylinder phonograph. Includes an index and diagragm of the machine as well as general information for handling cylinders and adjustmenting the speed.
Price: $3.00

Edison Standard Phonograph: Directions for setting up and operating an Edison Standard cylinder phonograph. Includes a diagragm of each part of the motor as well as the topworks. Labels each parts name with a corresponding number so that it is easily identifiable
Price: $3.00

Combination Attachment for Edison Standard Phonograph: Directions for installation of a combination attachment for the Edison Standard phonograph. Includes a diagragm of all the parts that make up the attachment. It also includes detailed instructions to play the four minute cylinders and two minute cylinders.
Price: $3.00

Edison Amberola Phonograph (model 30): A nice manual that gives instructions for unpacking, setting up and operating the Edison Amberola phonographs. It details everything from oiling, playing the machine, general information and adjusting the speed.
Price: $3.00

Edison Triumph Phonograph: Manual for setting up and operating the Edison Triumph phonograph. A manual is also available for the Triumph model D combination type. Please specify which you would like.
Price: $3.00

Edison Fireside Phonograph: This manual is specifically for the Edison Fireside model A combination type. It will give you general information on the machine as well as tips for setting it up, operating it, and keeping it adjusted. Also contains a nice diagragm of each part and gear that makes up the topworks and the motor.
Price: $3.00

Edison Gem Phonograph: This manual contains complete details on all aspects of the Edison Gem. An index of parts, how to operate, adjustment of speed and general information that everyone should know. A nice manual to have with your phonograph.
Price: $3.00

How To Make Phonograph Records: A nice manual to aid you in the making of a recording cylinder. It details all of the steps to recording. It tells of how to do it properly when recording vocal or talking records as well as when using certain instruments popular at the time.
Price: $4.50

Grand Busy Bee Manual: This isn't exactly a manual but more an information card on using the machine. It measures about 4" by 8" and contains ten steps to playing and caring for your Grand Busy Bee phonograph. These are reprints of original cards sold by the O'neil and James Company of Chicago, IL.
Price: $5.00

Columbia Q and QQ Graphophones: This manual gives all the directions for operating the Q or the QQ gramophones. Details all information for playing a cylinder, recording a cylinder, and keeping the machine adjusted and oiled properly. It also lists all the locations for the Columbia Phonograph Company around the United States and around the world.
Price $3.00