4 Victrola Repair Service - Victor Victrola IX

Victrola Repair Service
206 Cliff St. St. Johnsbury, VT 05819
Rod Lauman
Open M-F 9AM til 6:00PM ET
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Victor Victrola - IX

Take a look at this early 1915 era table model phonograph, early motor style with good clean nickel hardware and cleaned mahogany cabinet!
The motor and springs have been fully serviced and the reproducer has been rebuilt. This machine has a strong two spring motor.
This would make a great phonograph to start your collection or for somebody looking for something nice for their living room.

Price: $495.00
plus Shipping, Handling and Insurance*

*All prices are subject to shipping, handling and insurance costs. When inquiring of a machine, please ask and a shipping amount can be estimated for you. Shipping amounts not only depend on size, but also weight and amount of insurance needed.


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